torsdag 19 juli 2012

Kate Moss och Longchamp

Kate Moss har jobbat med Longchamp sedan 2006, intervju på Longchamps hemsida

What inspires you about Longchamp?
"I just really like them as people. I find them lovely to work with, so that was the main issue.
For me, that is always the first thing. Longchamp is a family business, it's been going for more than 60 years, and I just love the whole feeling of it."
How did you work with Sophie Delafontaine and her team? Did she come to visit you, did you go to Paris?
"Yes, she'd come to me, and I'd go to Paris. I went to the Longchamp design studio, and I met Sophie's father, who has had the business for so long. He was really nice with me, and we all sat round, and he said, ""Oh, yes, I like that"", you know. It was backwards and forwards really. Sophie would send me samples of leather, and I'd send them back with notes. It was all very natural and easy-going. Also, because Sophie understands me, she got it straight away when I'd say things like: ""I like this kind of leather"". It was lovely to work that way."
What do you look for in a bag?
"For me, a great bag should be comfortable, and it should be light. You know, I get so much stuff, and I pack my bags to the brim, so if it's a heavy bag to start with I can never carry it. I also want it to be durable, and for it to actually work as a bag. I find that some bags just hang open all the time, and are completely non-functional."


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